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General Info
Typical Applications: Typical applications for scheduled control, where legacy panels are often used, include office building lobbies, corridors, loading docks, etc., as well as school gymnasiums, common areas and hallways.
Type: Lighting Control Panel
Special Features: Available for interiors sized for 8, 24, or 48 relays, also GE-12 interior size. Compatible with legacy installed switches and control devices; legacy occupancy sensors (with LMIO-201)
Technical Information
Volts: 120/277V 60 Hz, 120/347V, 60 Hz, 240V 50 Hz
Volts (AC): 120/277V 60 Hz, 120/347V, 60 Hz, 240V 50 Hz
Volts (DC): 24VDC output, up to 250mA across 2 RJ45 - LMCP-xx8, 800 mA @ 24VDC - LMCP-xx24, 1000 mA @ 24VDC - LMCP-xx48, 1000 mA @ 24VDC
Additional Information


Product Number: LMCP-LI8, LMCP-LI24, LMCP-LI48, LMCP-GE12, LMCP-GE24, LMCP-GE48

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