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Wireless On/Off/0-10 Volt Dimming Room Controller
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General Info
Typical Applications: Retrofit or new construction in commercial office, healthcare, and education
Listing Agencies/Third Party Certifications
RoHS: No
CUL Listing No: E101196
cULus: Yes
FCC Standard: Yes
UL Listing No: E101196
Technical Information
AC Voltage Input: 120/277VAC, 50/60Hz
Supported Standards: Wireless - IPv6 Mesh (6LoWPAN / 802.15.4 / 2.4GHz), range up to 100 ft., Bluetooth low energy (802.15.4 / 2.4GHz), range up to 30 ft.
Additional Information


Load Requirements: Incandescent: 16A @ 120VAC, Ballast and E-ballast: 16A @ 120/277VAC

Class 1 & 2 Dimming Output, 0-10V sinks up to 50mA per channel

Connection to DLM Network: Wireless IPv6 Mesh

Device Security: Secure-factory provisioned trusted hardware with Legrand-private certificate chain and signed ECC keypair

BACnet IPv6 capable

DLM local network parameters: Up to 48 loads, up to 48 communicating devices


Product Number: LMRC-611-16M