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Advanced tunable white lighting made simple.

In this next phase of LED lighting innovation, light and art come together for beautifully illuminated spaces. Introducing Wattstopper Tunable White Lighting - a precision dimming and tunable LED Human Centric Lighting system with industry-leading quality of light that transforms any space. Human Centric Lighting improves the workplace environment by synching the natural sun pattern and colors to the occupant’s circadian rhythm. 

Wattstopper combines digital lighting control excellence with industry-leading tunable white technology, enabling new lighting experiences while reducing the complexity of design, installation, and operation of advanced LED lighting systems. HCL offers solutions for both our Digital Lighting Management and Architectural Dimming systems.
In Hospitals

Increase the potential for better patient health, sleep, and comfortability by balancing natural circadian rhythms. Create better-lit wards and rooms during the day that boosts mood and dimmer light at night that promotes healthy sleep.

In Classrooms

Brighten windowless-lecture halls and mimic the presence of sunlight to improve students’ mood, energy, and alertness, leading to more productivity in the classroom.

In Offices

Well-lit offices are key for a healthy workplace. With workers spending the majority of their days inside, tunable light levels are pertinent to keep occupants alert, productive, and comfortable.

Create a personalized lighting schedule for your home with Human Centric Lighting from Vantage Controls.

Invest in well-being and improve building occupants’ health and safety.

Download the brochure to read more about the simplicity of design, installation, and occupant control for tunable lighting projects.