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Passive Infrared Dual Relay Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor
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General Info
Typical Applications: Small Office, Small Conference Room, Lunch/Break Rooms
Special Features: Multi-way Dual Relay
Technical Information
IR Range On Axis: 525 SqFt
LightOutput 1FCD: Auto-ON to 50%
Load: 0-800 W 1/6 hp, 0-1000 W 1/6 hp, 0-1200 W 1/6 hp
Response Time: 5 to 30 minutes
Volts: 120/27VAC, 50/60Hz, 347VAC 650/0Hz
Additional Information


Product Number: PW-302-W, PW-302-LA, PW-302-I, PW-302-G, PW-302-B, PW-302-R, PW-302-347-W, PW-302-347-LA, PW-302-347-I, PW-302-347-G, PW-302-347-B, PW-302-347-R