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radiant<sup> ®</sup> Screwless Wall Plates
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General Info
Available Colors: White, Light Almond, Ivory, Bkack, Gray or Brown
Special Features: Screwless
Listing Agencies/Third Party Certifications
RoHS: No
Construction Information
Material 1: Polycarbonate
Additional Information


Product Number: RWP26W, RWP26LA, RWP26I, RWP26BK, RWP26GRY, RWP26, RWP262W, RWP262LA, RWP262I, RWP262BK, RWP262GRY, RWP262, RWP263W, RWP263LA, RWP263I, RWP263BK, RWP263GRY, RWP263, RWP264W, RWP264LA, RWP264I, RWP264BK, RWP264GRY, RWP264, RWP265W, RWP265LA, RWP265I, RWP265BK, RWP265GRY, RWP265, RWP266W, RWP266LA, RWP266I, RWP266BK, RWP266GRY, RWP266

  • 1 gang: 3.15” x 4.94”
  • 2 gang: 4.96” x 4.94”
  • 3 gang: 6.77” x 4.94”
  • 4 gang: 8.59” x 4. 94”
  • 5 gang: 10.40” x 4.94”
  • 6 gang: 12.21” x 4.94”