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0-10V Decorator Dimmer
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General Info
Cable Type: DCLV1 0-10V Controller, DCLV1
Typical Applications: Small and Medium Size Application Spaces, Small Office, Conference Rooms, and Restrooms
Special Features: DCLV2 is programmed to default to the Manual-On setting. If switched to Auto-On mode, the DCLV2 defaults to 50% Partial-On if no adjustments are made.
Listing Agencies/Third Party Certifications
RoHS: No
Technical Information
AC Voltage Input: 24VDC, 16mA
Operating Temperature (Celsius): 0° to 40°C
Additional Information


Product Number: DCLV2-B, DCLV2-I, DCLV2-LA, DCLV2-W