Case Study: Overfloor Raceway Helps Get Conference Spaces Up And Running

The Challenge:


Statoil Canada's new headquarters occupy 9 floors of a newly constructed office tower in Calgary, Alberta. The offices include many conference rooms and meeting spaces that required a full suite of conference room electronics included AV as well as power and data for additional laptops. The biggest obstacle was time, according to electrical project manager Craig MacLellan of Trotter & Morton Building Technologies. "The entire space needed to be completely live and ready from day one. On top of that, the customer didn't want power poles to interrupt workspaces and wanted the ability to be able to reconfigure spaces with minimal disruption" he says.


The Solution:


The OFR Series Overfloor Raceway System from Legrand/Wiremold helped meet a tight deadline, while also maximizing efficiency. "We waited for the furniture and tables to be in place so we could position the cabling correctly," MacLellan says. "Because OFR raceway installs over existing flooring, we didn't have to wait or coordinate with the carpet delivery, so it worked with our timing."


The ability to make future changes easily was a major consideration. MacLellan continues, "The customer wanted the flexibility and access to change configurations later and didn't want to have to bother people in the office or the floor below to add additional AV or services. This system can be moved or added onto very easily without altering floor coverings."


MacLellan notes that the OFR system was easy to use and install, further reducing installation time. "This was my first time using it, but it is very user friendly. You can cut it on site in any configuration you want."