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Canadian Blood Services

Canadian Blood Services, 2011 Brampton Ontario

Modular flexible cable management solutions in open space labs.

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The Challenge

Canada Blood Services (CBS) has planned to consolidate approximately two thirds of all their blood logistics and processing in Canada through their new 180 thousand square foot facility in Brampton Ontario.

CBS appointed Vanderwestern Rutherford Mantecon (VRM) consulting company from London Ontario to specify their electric power and data cable management solution as part of this project.

Marcia Hart Hayes, Senior Electrical Engineer at VRM explains: “The customer was looking to build a flexible open space where after the initial installation their own facility maintenance staff would be able to unplug the modular workstations from their power and data connections, move them to their new position, and plug back in anywhere in the open space - a full Plug’n Play solution with no electricians involved.”

The Solution

The proposed solution included a variety of Legrand Cable Management and Wiring Device products:

  • For data cable pathways in the ceiling Cablofil’s Wire Mesh Cable Trays were selected at 12, 18 and 24-inch widths.
  • For Power cable management Wiremold’s G6000 raceways were mounted in the ceiling enabling Plug’n Play anywhere in the open space.
  • Along perimeter walls and on individual workstations Wiremold White 4000 raceways were used with Pass & Seymour receptacles accommodating 20A duplexes and 30A, 2-pole devices for centrifuges.
  • The workstations connect to four types of large multi-circuit columns with separate power and data cabling sections. All poles had six cord ends some of which powered 3-phase 30A circuits.
  • To add flexibility, additional Wiremold RFB9 and RFB4 floor boxes were installed throughout the main level of the facility in office areas.

Bobby Petrak, Project Manager at Dial One Wolfdale Electric Ltd, who overlooked the entire project, indicated: “All Legrand products were delivered on schedule; they were easy to work with and looked great at the end. Especially the prewired multi-circuit poles saved a lot of on-site labour cost and time”, he added.