NEWS: Legrand acquires Universal Electric Corporation
Global leader in the development of flexible, customizable power distribution systems and manufacturer of STARLINE and U-S Safety Trolley suites of products.

Workstation Performance

Only Legrand combines network, power, A/V and charging solutions with maximum flexibility.

Building a better working environment goes beyond just setting a standard for your network’s performance. It’s about bringing everything your network offers to your workstations easily and efficiently. With Legrand’s end to-end solutions, you’ll always be ready to address tomorrow’s challenges. This includes increasing bandwidth and performance requirements, new technologies and the need to move, add or change your configurations quickly and easily.
The InteGreat Series
Bring power, communications and A/V from the building infrastructure to the point-of-use with products that are designed to fit together, seamlessly.
Work Surface Modular Power
Provides table access to power outlets and makes rearranging a room layout as easy as unplugging, re-positioning and plugging back together. Ideal for reconfiguring meeting space to accommodate presentation, training and collaboration configurations.
Power Within Reach
Bring power and charging right up to desktops and workstations.
Consolidation Point
Bring voice, data and power closer to the workstation while blending with commercial interiors. For advanced cable management with security and flexibility.
Zone Distribution
Reduce on-site installation times and reconfiguration costs, while maximizing performance and flexibility with fieldinstallable or preterminated solutions.
Modular Wiring Systems
Walkerflex modular wiring systems install faster and easier than traditional pipe and box. Unique “plug-n-play” feature is designed to interface with a wide range of power applications.