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Infinium Quantum™ Fiber Products

Infinium Quantum Features & Benefits:

Lowest Total Channel Connection Loss – 67% Improvement Over Standard Systems
■ Single-mode total channel connection loss: 0.75dB
■ Single-mode total channel connection return loss: 49dB
■ Multimode total channel connection loss 0.75dB
■ Multimode total channel connection return loss: 34dB
Sustainability - Corporate Social Responsibility
■ Reduce overall energy consumption –up to 30% reduction in power consumption for transceivers
■ High performance infrastructure
■ Environmental stewardship
■ Contribute to LEED points
Future Proofing – Open Path to 400G and Beyond
■ Reducing or eliminating the need to replace link to meet demands of 400G and beyond
■ Reduce need for fusion splicing to obtain low link loss
■ Ability to add cross connections, signal drops, splitting, or switching components into the link for a particular transmission distance.
Innovative Features – Simplify Install, Management & Configurability
■ Options for 12 and 24 fiber connectivity
■ Better accessibility and visibility inside the enclosure



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Infinium Quantum Fiber System
Legrand’s complete fiber offering has redefined performance in the data center, delivering the most advanced network systems: Infinium™ Quantum, Ultra, and Core.
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Infinium Enclosure
The Infinium™ HD Enclosure is an ideal solution for fiber networks in data centers and building networks. The high-density footprint accommodates up to 96 fibers in 1U of rack space.
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