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5 Reasons Your Apartment Complex Needs EV Charging

July 2023

As the world continues to adopt electric vehicles (EVs) as a sustainable transportation solution, EV charging infrastructure at apartment complexes has become a sought-after amenity. With an ever-growing number of residents wanting to charge where they park, investing in EV infrastructure is crucial to meet this demand and prepare your property for what the future of transportation holds. 

Below we explore five compelling reasons why your apartment complex should implement a networked EV charger solution. 

1.    Future-proofing your property and property value 

With EVs gaining popularity worldwide, the number of electric vehicle owners is on the rise. By investing in an EV charging solution, you can align your amenities with current and future market demand. With EV charging, your complex is appealing to a wider pool of residents while enhancing your property value with a sustainable resident amenity.  

2.    Revenue generation potential 

Installing EV charging infrastructure in your apartment complex can provide an opportunity for additional revenue generation. If you install networked chargers, your complex can charge residents and visitors for the electricity consumed. By setting competitive pricing and offering convenient payment options, you can create an additional revenue stream that contributes to the financial sustainability of your apartment complex.  

3.    Attracting and retaining high-income tenants 

Offering EV charging infrastructure aligns with a high-end and upscale image for your apartment complex. High-income residents often seek luxurious and environmentally conscious living spaces. By investing in EV charging, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge resident amenities, which resonates with high-income tenants’ willingness to pay higher rental fees and renew lease terms at a complex committed to their needs and values.  

4.    Commitment to Environmental Sustainability 

By investing in an EV charger solution, your apartment complex will demonstrate its commitment to environmental sustainability. The adoption of electric vehicles and EV charging infrastructure leads to a reduction of carbon emissions, a substantial decrease in local air pollution, and an overall greener, cleaner living environment for residents.  

5.    Financial incentives 

In several countries, governments and utility companies are offering incentives and subsidies for EV charging infrastructure installations. By investing in incentive-ready EV chargers, your apartment complex can offset the cost of charger equipment and installation. 

Apartment complexes that invest in EV charging infrastructure are committed to resident satisfaction and the future potential of their property. By providing convenient, reliable, and accessible EV charging facilities, your apartment complex will attract high-income residents, meet market demand, and promote a greener future. It’s time for your apartment complex to embrace the EV revolution for both a sustainable and lucrative future.

The path towards becoming an EV charger owner and operator starts with foundational EV knowledge guided by a trusted EV charger manufacturer. To learn more about EV charging and Legrand’s comprehensive commercial EV charging offering, visit Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging | Legrand.

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