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3 of the Hottest Home Décor Trends for Right Now

And how to easily incorporate them into your home.

April 2, 2021

1. Nature-Inspired

Let’s start by talking about a trend that has been pretty popular for the last few years, and is totally primed for a summer surge: natural décor. 

One of the reasons the trend has so much staying power is that it has something for everyone and every taste, making it astoundingly versatile. It can be as subtle or as attention-grabbing as you want it to be, and can work well with most any other design style. For example:
  • ​​​​​​​Bohemian: Weave natural fibers, literally or metaphorically, with brighter hues or bold patterns for lush, textured results.
  • Rustic Chic: Go the reclaimed wood route with old boards or barrels, perfect for adding exposed beams or a wall treatment, or for statement pieces like dining tables and focal-point light fixtures. 
  • Coastal/Nautical: Include beachwood, rope, seaglass or shells. They all look good with basically every shade of blue, honestly this one is almost too easy. 
And once you’ve found ways to bring natural elements into your preferred style, it’s easy to luxe it all up with a contrasting metallic accent – brass or gold could look great with all three suggestions above – or keep it low key with an earthier toned bronze or antique silver. 

2. Japandi

If you think this one sounds like a made-up word, you are correct. But it’s a very real trend indeed. 

A relatively new style that skillfully blends elements of Japanese and Scandanavian design, it incorporates the previously mentioned natural trend, while maintaining a minimalist emphasis on function. The color palette is consistent and muted, with the light woods and gentle whites of Scandi influence, pulled in alongside soft clay shades, like subdued grays and tans, from Japan. 

The effect is a space that feels airy and uncluttered, punctuated by right angles, mostly clear surfaces and spatial openness. It is a great trend to use in spaces with neutral shades and natural light, and relies mostly on adding a few curated pieces -- think plain wood furniture, stoneware vases, rattan wall décor or bamboo accents – and selecting hardware, fixtures and wall plates in coordinating tones. 

3. Industrial

There’s something exciting about amplifying the structure of a space, rather than trying to hide or distract from it. With the industrial trend, playing up any visible brick or concrete or metal framing is the point, transforming the walls and windows and floor into décor. 

As such, the pieces you add should follow the structural lead of durability. No dainty details – opt for things that seem solid and substantial. Wood block tables. Oversized chairs with leather upholstery. Go for hardware and accents that feel elemental – iron or bronze, gunmetal gray or slinky black. Forget lampshades – show off the filaments in some Edison-style bulbs.

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