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Historic Quirk Hotel Richmond Selects adorne® for Power and Charging in the Guest Room

Easy-to-install, stylish switches, outlets and USB charging solutions capture the unique personality of this reimagined property.


Quirk Hotel is an exciting property located in downtown Richmond, surrounded by the fast-paced energy of a local district that offers indie shops, eclectic art galleries and enticing eats just around the corner. The original building was a traditional department store, J.B. Mosby and Co., built in 1916 with an Italian Renaissance design. These roots instilled a classical sense to its features, from the limestone arches to the groin ceilings. In 2005, the owners launched Quirk Gallery, an art scene mainstay, and later decided to revamp the J.B. Mosby building into a budding hotel that merges the old with the new. They wanted to redesign the property with a contemporary look and feel, all while keeping its historical personality.

This adaptive reuse project needed electrical wiring solutions that can shift to meet a specific style but can also be installed easily into an older building. When working on an older building, electrical wiring can be tough. It’s also a challenge to bring modern-looking features into it, but the Quirk owners desired a true fusion of the past, present and future that turned heads with every detail.


With a powerful history and an artistically-minded direction, Quirk Hotel needed something that would capture the imagination of its guests and blend in with their carefully curated decor. However, the devices couldn’t be too difficult to install into an older building. It was important that the installation was easy.

The adorne® Collection offers a range of finishes to match any design, whether it’s contemporary or historical - and Quirk Hotel was both. They selected magnesium to fit with their neutral design palette. Switches and outlets from the adorne Collection were installed throughout the guest rooms, including GFCI receptacles in the bathroom. For many travelers, business doesn’t stop when they’re on the road. Desks and working spaces in hotel guest rooms need convenient power solutions. By combining USB outlets and traditional power outlets from the adorne Collection, Quirk Richmond was able to make every room a productive place—whether it’s for catching up on email or checking Instagram. With a magnesium 3-gang wall plate, the charging station blends right in with the room’s style.

Many guests don’t just prefer power by the bed—not having it actually annoys them. In fact, 83% of hotel guests are frustrated when there isn’t power and charging right by their bed or nightstand. With a combination of USB outlets, GFCI outlets, Paddle™ Switches and a 3-gang wall plate, every bed featured a convenient charging hub. This puts lighting control and charging right where guests need it.

​​​​​​​The building had good wiring, but it needed a few unique tweaks. Luckily, adorne devices can be installed into regular electrical boxes. This meant fewer headaches getting the devices into the walls.


Once completed, adorne devices added the perfect luxurious touch to Quirk Hotel. The stylish design and sophisticated finishes elevated the entire boutique property, delighting both the owners and the many guests.

Quirk Hotel is named one of the South’s Best Hotels on the 2018 Southern Living list.

View more photos of the project here.

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