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A smarter way to deliver light.

Not all light is created equal. Natural light varies in intensity and color temperature throughout the day. Imagine the warm light you see at sunset, creating a subtle golden-hue. This color temperature is much different than the intense, mid-day sun you see on a sunny day. Our internal clocks, or circadian rhythms, take cues from this natural lighting cycle. With a Human Centric Lighting system, you can tune your lighting to mimic these variations in color temperature and intensity based on your unique schedule. Need a vibrant, intense light to help you focus during the evening hours? Not a problem. With Vantage Human Centric Lighting, you can enjoy a slice of natural light when and where you need it.

Imagine a day in the life of a well-lit home.

​​​​​​​With a Vantage Human-Centric Lighting system, you can set the perfect light to complement and enhance your daily activities. Taking cues from the earth’s natural lighting cycle, but on your schedule for a personalized lighting system.
Awake with the Sun

Getting up before the sun for an early morning work-out? No problem. Program your HCL System to illuminate a vibrant, white light to give you the energy you need to start your day and energize your work-out.

Focus and accomplish

When it’s time to focus on work, the right light can make all the difference. Open your automated shades to let daylight in and use a cool, white light to help you concentrate and stay alert, so you can be your most productive.

Entertain with ease

Entertaining in your home has never been easier. Help your guests relax and enjoy by setting the perfect lighting scene, featuring a warm, golden light.

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