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Evolution™ Floor Box

Features and
Installation Videos

A complete library of videos to help you learn about and install the Evolution Series Floor Box.

The Evolution Series Floor Boxes are the latest advancement in the most complete and innovative line of floor solutions in the industry. And now you have a complete offering of videos that highlight the unique features of this box, and explain how easy it is to install. From removable modules and cable management guides to fire classified and terrazzo floor installation, you will find a video to help you with your specific needs.

Maximize capacity in the Evolution Series Floor Box by repositioning dividers within modules.
Install a concrete/terrazzo trim ring to the Evolution Series Floor Box assembly.
50 adapter
See how easy it is to increase electrical output capacity with the installation of the 50A adapter.
device plates
Watch how to install industry standard device plates into the Evolution Series Floor Box.
Multiple trade size knockouts allow for multiple activations and wiring configurations.
mounting brackets
Mounting Brackets can be removed & interchanged to accommodate a wide range of devices.
decorative cover
See how the Evolution Series Floor Box Decorative Cover is installed to match any décor.
unique cover
From a durable 180° articulating hinge to auto-close egress doors, see what makes the Evolution Series Floor Box cover one-of-a-kind.
raised floors
Watch how the Evolution Series Floor Box is installed in a raised or wood floor application.
fire classified
The Evolution Series Floor Box has been designed to maintain a fire rating for up to two hours. See how it's installed.
Built-in tunnels allow for services to be wrapped to the other side of the box for additional capacity.
cable guides
Cable Management Guides work to keep cords and cables organized and routed to components.
remove modules
Removable modules allow for easier installations and facilitate adds, moves and changes without having to disconnect services.
Configure Your Floor Box Now
Use this configurator to specify a single box or create a bill of materials for an entire building using multiple Evolution Series products.
Evolution Series Floor Box
Works everywhere and changes everything. Features increased capacity options and innovations not available in any other floor box.
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