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DS4000 Designer Series Raceway

3D & Installation Videos

The Wiremold DS4000 Designer Series raceway includes features that set it apart from any other raceways on the market.

Whether it’s the ease of installation, greater capacity, or sleeker look, you’ll see why the DS4000 is the next generation of metal raceway. Included here is a set of animations to help explain how these features work for you.

3D Videos

A brief overview of the many features offered by the DS4000 raceway.
See how the DS4000 raceway uses an adjustable base for an easier installation.
Find out how one fitting can be used to avoid large obstacle on a wall.
An industry leading 2” maximum bend radius for cabling requirements.
4000 Designer Series raceway can pass over an obstacle, such as pre-existing conduit, without interruption.
DS4000 raceway offers discreet access to both power and data from below, while keeping both services separate.
See how simple it is to install a standard activation along the raceway.

Installation Videos

Installation of the DS4000 raceway base.
Installation of the DS4000 raceway cover.
Installation of obstacle avoidance fittings for DS4000 raceway.
Installation of offset fittings for DS4000 raceway.
Installation of internal and external corner fittings for DS4000 raceway.
Installation of flat elbow fittings for DS4000 raceway.
Installation of various device plates and activations on the DS4000 raceway.
Installation of entrance fittings and end fittings for DS4000 raceway.