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The New Standard in Triple Play Racks

These racks are the ideal foundation to keep pace with continually evolving Broadcast and Cable Headend environments. The Barracuda Equipment Rack provides and adaptable, robust platform to manage ever-changing hardware, power, grounding, isolation, cabling, and thermal issues associated with new technologies. The equipment is available in 22”, 24”, and 26” widths and five different heights, 40U, 42U, 45U, 48U, 50U, to match the enclosure to the application, ensuring compatibility with your equipment and workflow.

Key Benefits:

  • Made-To-Order - With a wide array of options available for features and accessories, some customization is possible without seeing the high costs commonly associated with custom cabinets.
  • Ready-To-Install - Cabinets can be shipped fully assembled, cutting down on installation labor and costs.
  • Easy Maintenance - The improved door designs and integrated mounting and cable management provide easier access for maintenance and loading without removing the doors.
  • Flexibility - Infinitely adjustable mounting angles mean equipment can be placed in any configuration and changed when needed.

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Barracuda Cabinets Specifications & Features

Reduce Installation Labor and Cost

Labor and overall costs are reduced as Barracuda cabinets are shipped with components and accessories pre-installed. All drilling can be done prior to shipping as well, eliminating the risk of metal shavings entering sensitive equipment.

Improve Access and Use of Space

Options for dual rear doors allows easy maintenance in tight spaces and 180°, self-contained hinges mean doors can be opened completely flat against the adjacent cabinet. Multiple, integrated cable- management configurations work efficiently in even the tightest spaces with options available for overhead ladders.

Interface with Building Structure and Cabling

Overhead cable ladder support and integrated cable ladders allow for convenient cable management to best fit the environment. Integrated grounding, isolation, and cable management options are available to best fit the physical space available.

Adaptable Platform to Keep Pace with Technology

Built specifically with our Broadcast and Broadband clients in mind, these racks offer unlimited configurations to support all sizes and combinations of EIA equipment. Pick the frame, doors, panels, shelves, cable management, and mounting angles to accommodate any requirements.

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