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Wire Mesh Cable Tray

Data Center Accessories

Improper cable management in the data center can increase downtime, causing disruptions that ruin productivity and creating expensive fixes for businesses.

Efficiently run and protect fiber optic cabling in the data center with these add-ons to the wire mesh cable tray line. Highly durable and easy-to-install, organizing and maintaining large bundles of wires has never been so simple. See our latest additions to the wire mesh cable tray line below.
Easily snaps on to the interior or exterior of the tray to loop excess fiber optic cable around.
Smoothly drop cables over the tray without having to make permanent cuts into the bottom or the side.
Bottom Drop Out
Allows for cable bundles to drop out of the bottom of the trays without the need for permanent cuts.
Lines the bottom and sides of the tray to support thin cables and to hide cables from site.
Snaps into the tray to help route cables around bends while keeping cables in individual channels in larger tray.
Creates a smooth corner around junctions and are ideal for applications that use both radius and square corners.
Used when the cable tray forms a “T”, the bridge hub allows for cords to go over and under the hub to ensure that cords stay separated and untangled.
When the cable tray forms a “X” or cross, this bridge hub helps keep wires separated by allowing for cords to go over or under the bridge.
Universal Drop Out

An ideal support solution for running cables in high capacity data centers.

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