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How it works

Using a patented blend of 405 nanometer indigo and white LED, Indigo-Clean bathes spaces in germ-fighting protection. Unlike UV, Indigo-Clean light is both direct and indirect. Reflecting off walls and other surfaces, it reaches shadowed areas UV light can’t. Once exposed, pathogens are oxidized from within, no matter where they exist: in the air and on surfaces.
Killing pathogens in the air and on surfaces.

Indigo-Clean has two disinfection modes. Both completely safe for humans.

Whether used in ambient white disinfection mode or indigo disinfection mode, Indigo-Clean is always safe. Which means no interruption to patient care. Something UV can’t claim.

The science of Indigo-Clean:

Utilizes a visible wavelength of light — 405 nm — generated from state-of-the-art advances in LED technology, to kill harmful viruses and bacteria: oxidizing them from within.

The correct dose. Always.

Appropriately dosing the space is mission critical. For this reason, our patented dosing process factors the dimensions and worksurfaces within each space to provide the precise amount of light coverage needed to kill pathogens like SARS CoV2, C. diff, and MRSA.