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Indigo-Clean Technology: The SAFE, Effective Alternative to UV 

UV lighting provides effective room disinfection but poses significant hazards to human health. The International Electrotechnical Commission provides the only independent 3rd party assessment—IEC 62471—for the ‘Photobiological Safety of Lamps & Lamp Systems’. According to this critical safety standard, Indigo-Clean is ‘risk exempt’ when people are in the room, whereas UV light always requires exposure controls in occupied settings.

Initially adopted by the most discriminating healthcare applications to disinfect, Indigo-Clean technology is now being used in offices, schools, correctional institutions and more, to return to work, to school, to normal. Learn more about the safety of this exciting new visible light disinfection technology below.

Indigo-Clean works around the clock, making it a valuable addition to any cleaning protocol. Rather than relying solely on staff to clean surfaces, or HVAC systems to purify the air, Indigo-Clean combines the benefits of both. While patients and doctors may not notice it, our technology is always working, reducing bioburden between terminal cleanings, and continuously filling the disinfection gap left by episodic cleaning methods.

Indigo-Clean requires far less maintenance than UV.

In addition to added cost, the frequent replacement of UV disinfection equipment takes rooms out of service. Indigo-Clean fixtures last for 10 years and are readily accessible, making maintenance infrequent and simple. Indigo-Clean does not involve other critical systems (such as air vents), simplifying installation.

UV harms people and degrades materials.

Because Indigo-Clean is visible LED light, it is safe for people and products. Not the case with UV.

Final analysis.

UV exposure is a known cause skin cancer and retinal damage. That alone should make it a questionable addition to any occupied setting. In addition, it degrades materials in the room, often requiring them to be replaced far early than anticipated. Unlike UV, Indigo-Clean disinfects safely with no sign that it’s even at work, and no negative impact to room occupants or materials in the space.