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Hospital hallway with healthcare professionals at work

Tunable White Lighting

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is a precision dimming & tunable white lighting controls system with superior quality of light that transforms any space. Tunable White Lighting products dynamically adjust the intensity and the spectrum of light, placing a focus on occupant well-being, productivity, and comfort. 

HCL enables new lighting experiences while reducing the complexity of design, installation, and operation of advanced LED lighting systems. For use in hospitals, classrooms, offices, or anywhere else where occupant comfort is priority, set and recall preset lighting color temperature levels. Easily replicate the visual comfort of natural light with Wattstopper Human Centric Lighting: a turnkey HCL system of tunable LED light engines and accompanying HCL controls. 

Download the brochure to read more about the simplicity of design, installation, and occupant control for tunable lighting projects.

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