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Power Distribution Units

To support power distribution requirements in network and server racks and cabinets, Legrand manufactures a range of Power Distribution Units (PDU) to meet the needs of your installation. The PDU distributes the incoming power to either NEMA or IEC outlets designed to accept power cords from the mounted IT equipment. With varying form factors and functionality, Legrand’s line of PDUs are a reliable and cost-effective choice when building out your infrastructure.

Below you will find a variety of PDUs, including both vertical (zero RU) and horizontal (rack mount) form factors to align with your physical infrastructure, with options for Basic, Network Metered, and Network Switched levels of intelligence.


Choose by Functionality


A cost-effective and reliable way to distribute power to IT equipment in a networking or server rack – no built-in monitoring
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Network Metered
With a Network Metered PDU, easily monitor the power consumption of the IT equipment locally or remotely through the network.
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Network Switched
With a Network Switched PDU, easily monitor power consumption and remotely switch individual outlets on and off.
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Choose by Form Factors


Zero RU
Choose from available Zero-RU / Vertical Power Distribution Units that help save on available rack space while providing power distribution to the equipment within your rack or cabinet.
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Select from available horizontal / rack-mount Power Distribution Units that are ideal for smaller networking installations or wall-mount racks and cabinets.
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Innovative Features & Benefits



Color LCD on Networked Units

Each of the Legrand Networked PDU units feature a color LCD screen for clear visibility of the PDU attributes and allows for local management of the PDU.

Locking Cord

Locking outlets on C13 and C19 receptacles

Locking outlets are available with certain C13 and C19 configurations and do not require the purchase of a separate locking power cord. The power cords are locked when inserted and are not removable until the orange button is depressed next to the outlet.


Quality Magneto-Hydraulic Breakers

Each 30A Legrand PDU is built with high-quality magneto-hydraulic breakers. These thermal breakers adjust the magnetic trip curve as the temperature goes up, allowing the circuit to be properly tripped in hotter environments.

Rotative Cord

Rotatable Cord

Many vertical (zero-RU) PDUs feature a rotatable inlet cord that allows for 330° of flexibility.


Accessories: Temperature & Humidity Sensors, Electronic Door Handle

Add value to your networked PDU system – including temperature and humidity sensors and an electronic door handle.


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