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Diversity and Inclusion Contributes to Performance, Innovation and Growth

There are many benefits to a workplace that is welcoming to employees of different backgrounds, life and work experiences, races, ethnicities and gender. 
Diversity of people creates diversity in thought and perspective, which in turn leads to new approaches to problem solving, solution development, collaboration – and innovation. 

A diverse workforce also allows an organization to foster greater empathy for the many kinds of customers and communities it serves. 

We strive to be a leading player in the area of inclusiveness, embracing and promoting all types of difference.

Our 2030 Targets

Gender equity continues to be an important dimension of our diversity and inclusion strategy.

In recent years, Legrand has been steadily increasing the number of women in management positions and our goal is to achieve gender parity by 2030.

Our Priorities

  • Gender diversity

  • Inclusivity toward people with disabilities

  • Intergenerational collaboration

  • Diversity of origin and background: social, cultural and ethno-racial

  • Inclusion of LGBT+ individuals

Striving for Gender Diversity

We Will Achieve Gender Parity Across Our Workforce by 2030

We understand that a company that is inclusive and committed to diversity is better positioned to attract and retain the talents and skills it needs to grow and be successful.

Fostering Connections Through Employee Resource Groups

Young Professionals are Integral to Our CSR Strategy

We are focused on attracting young professionals and offering them exciting opportunities through internships as well as both long- and short-term working arrangements.

A Focus on Supplier Diversity

Since 2019, diversity has been included in the CSR criteria considered when selecting suppliers, in the same way as their carbon reduction and commitment to the circular economy.

This generates economic opportunity for historically under-represented suppliers, including minority-, veteran- and women-owned businesses.

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