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Architectural Dimming Panel - Auxiliary with Main Lug Panel
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Auxiliary Inputs: 4 Dry Contacts (3 and 4 may be for an IR receiver and light sensor respectively)
Override Inputs: 2 (On and off contacts)
Input Power (universal): 120–277VAC, 50-60Hz
Number of Low-Voltage Outputs: 4 (0-10) low-voltage outputs (0-10V @ 100mA sink or source); Output 50@ 2mA per load, typical 4 PWM low-voltage outputs; Output voltage 12V (source only); Output current 100mA per channel, 400mA total, IEC 60929 Annex E Standard
Number of High Voltage Outputs: 4 High-voltage relays (120-277VAC), general purpose load rating 10A


Product Number: LCAP44ALO with MLO44xxxxx panel, LCAP44ALO with MCB44xxxxx panel, MLCB-BAB-20-GFI, MLCB-QBH-20-GFI, MLCB-GHB-20-GFI